Photographs from Apex, the peak of good living…

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DOWNTOWN & a bit beyond


There is a story behind my fascination with the cows.  When I moved into this area, I enjoyed seeing the cows on my daily drive, and seeing where they were on the vast, slightly hilly property.  Occasionally my daughter and I would see the one horse in a small barn where it was kept separately.  It was many months, perhaps longer, of driving this road nearly every day before I realized that the horse was almost always out with the cows, but because he was the same color as the cows, he blended in as I sped by, hesitant to take my eyes off the road for more than a moment.  Once we figured this out, it became a game to find the horse, in the few seconds of passing this field — a daily real-life Where’s Waldo game of sorts.  I can’t help but think of him as the talking horse Mr.Ed, as I imagined stories of a ugly duckling variation where he believed he was a really tall cow.   Or Giggle, Giggle, Quack where he conspired with the cows for untold rewards, like popcorn and movies.  Or even that he led meditation sessions standing in the shade of the big tree’s spreading branches, with the cows hanging on every word while chilling belly-deep in the pond.  I wanted to write a children’s story around these wonderful characters, and fill it with pictures of them softened into images that have taken on the quality of slightly blurry well-loved memories.  Some day maybe…   All of these pictures were all taken along one beautiful stretch of 2 connected roads.  I am grateful that I got to enjoy it all these years, and immensely sad that it is coming to an end.  Such is progress.  I sadly acknowledge that I was part of the growth of this area that means this oasis of countryside is soon disappearing, succumbing to highways and housing developments.


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