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Based near Raleigh, North Carolina, many of my photographs are taken here in Wake County.  The beautiful countryside and aging barns and houses give glimpses of the people who lived off the land and were far heartier souls than myself.  I offer a variety of photographs, crafted to achieve a desired effect, whether still in the photographic realm or resembling a painting or screen print.

Kildaire Barn-2

I also offer customization services.  I create a special effect on your digital photograph, based on your specifications, which you are then free to print as many times as you like, since you own the image.  This is perfect for Christmas cards, business cards, business advertising, gifts or home decor.

Apex Yellow House Options

I also offer a line of t-shirts with antique car images on them, currently available in Large and x-Large.


This website is new, and more photographs will be added.  I hope you enjoy them.  All the images are available in various print sizes, or on blank photo cards.  I have created a line of greeting cards using these images as well – a section to be added soon.You will eventually be able to order these via this website, but for now you can contact me if you wish to order.

You can e-mail me at LEISphoto@icloud.com

Thanks so much!

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